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Funding from the Morgan Adams Foundation has increased researchers’ access to both genetic microchip and FISH technology, giving them an increased understanding of the composition of the cancers involved, they can better determine at diagnosis if a patient is at high or low risk. Tayler was a healthy, typical 4 year old when she suddenly began having seizures. She was admitted to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with an extremely malignant brain tumor (a glioblastoma multiforme). She had 2 surgeries and then received the standard treatment for this tumor consisting of radiation and modest chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the tumor came back massively just 2 months later. It’s hard to hear about, but rapid recurrences of this kind of brain tumor usually results in a child dying—as you can imagine, the news of Tayler’s relapse was devastating to her family.

But Tayler was luckier than a lot of other kids. Her particular tumor had been being studied. Through the use of the MicroArray Gene Chips, her doctors found something unusual about Tayler’s tumor that caused them to change her treatment completely.

14 months later, she is alive without evidence of tumor ~ and started kindergarten this past fall.