October 12, 1993 - April 27, 1996

This is not an easy story, just like so many who face this terrible illness. Our daughter Kyra was born bright, beautiful, and joyful and life was perfect. We had a son of 2 years and this little auburn haired bundle. Time had finally stood still and life was full. We were complete.

It was the throwing up that led us to seek advice; milk allergies? Reflux? When they said, “Your daughter has a brain tumor,” time stopped yet again, we ‘died’ right there, and that began our struggle to get through each moment. Kyra was diagnosed with a very rare tumor called a Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, it was a mass in the fourth ventricle of her brain. I remember the look in the doctor’s eyes that first day and will never forget the fear and sorrow he felt for us.

The journey was rough. I do not know how we got through any of it. Kyra endured months of chemotherapy and stays in the hospital. Unfortunately, Kyra passed away a short 16 months after her diagnosis. There are no words to describe this, as I’m sure so many parents will testify to. May God shine a very special light on all of these children and their families who have to endure such a tough battle. May God bless all those people who support them and honor them. Thank you to The Morgan Adams Foundation for helping our children.

Thank you.