August 6, 2008 - February 26, 2020

Evelyn was welcomed with joy by her parents, Heather and Michael Roy on August 6, 2008. She was a happy, precocious child, with a signature squeak and the brightest green eyes that you have ever seen. Her strawberry-blonde hair and freckles warmed the hearts of her entire family. Evelyn was a best friend and mentor to her younger sister Harper, who remains Evelyn’s biggest cheerleader.

In September of 2018 after an epic summer filled with running races, biking, camping, and hiking Evelyn began to complain of some pain in her right side. After a few days of complaining, Heather took Ev to the hospital thinking she might have appendicitis. That trip to the ER turned into a hospital admission to the oncology unit and in the coming days it would be confirmed that Evelyn had an aggressive form of cancer called neuroblastoma.

The following 18 months would bring several surgeries, chemotherapy, two stem cell transplants, and radiation. It was during immunotherapy, the final phase of Evelyn’s treatment that her scans showed new tumours, meaning Ev had relapsed. In February of 2020, Evelyn left us too soon after a challenging fight with Neuroblastoma.

Evelyn was a warrior when it came to her treatment, facing the worst days with her signature bravery and smile. And a laugh that could light up a room.

Her battle was not lost, but fought hard with grace, light and dignity.

Carried in our hearts forever ❤️