Data from the Microarray chip determined the therapy used to treat Will

Diagnosis: High-grade glioma

Favorite song/band: The Grateful Dead, Green Day, Led Zeppelin

Hobbies: Playing guitar, traveling, and riding his bike

On July 3, 2004 a previously unknown cerebellar brain tumor spontaneously ruptured leaving Will neurologically devastated. The bleeding damaged the remaining tissue so badly that diagnosis was difficult. A 2005 MRI revealed that the same ruptured cancer had returned, but pathologists were unable to make a definitive diagnosis. Soon after, Will began conservative chemotherapy treatment. Unfortunately, by June of 2005, two new tumors had formed. Microchip analysis sponsored by The Morgan Adams Foundation indicated that the only treatment option for Will’s unique tumor was high-dose chemotherapy and radiation. For the next several months, Dr. Nick Foreman and his team at Children’s Hospital Colorado successfully guided Will through his treatment. Since then, Will’s life has become wonderfully normal after months of speech, physical, and occupational therapy where Will learned how to eat, talk, sit, walk, and play again. In addition to tormenting his younger brother, he plays guitar, likes to ride a bike, and is doing well in high school.

MAF Impact: Data from the MicroArray chip determined the therapy to be used, which was successful in spite of the fact that Will had a malignant metastatic tumor.