I was your typical 18-year-old college student focused on hanging out with friends, attending my classes, and watching football games on the weekend when I started to notice a slight change in my vision. I had never had anything wrong with my eyesight before, so I made an appointment with the eye doctor to see if I needed glasses, but they could not see anything abnormal in my eyes.

After numerous doctor appointments and meetings with several different doctors around the state, it seemed that no one could find what was wrong and I was starting to lose hope. It wasn’t until I went to Children’s Hospital Colorado and met with Dr. Jean Mulcahy Levy that they found a small mass in my optic nerve known as an optic glioma. Since then, I have been on a “watch and wait” treatment plan, which involves monitoring the tumor over time without actively treating it unless it grows or causes symptoms.

In my personal experience, Children’s Hospital Colorado has been an incredibly helpful and welcoming place that played a crucial role in restoring hope after I found out I had an optic glioma and helping me see that there was a brighter future ahead.

Throughout this experience, I have found a deeper passion for sports and specifically sports reporting. Sports was something that always stayed consistent in my life, and I always knew every Sunday I would be able to turn on the tv and football would be on. I also grew up as a competitive gymnast, so finding a way to incorporate sports in my life again after I had retired from gymnastics also fueled my desire to work in sports. Despite the challenges and uncertainty of my diagnosis, I am determined to pursue my dreams and use my experience as an inspiration to others.

I have discovered the importance of never giving up on your dreams, even in the face of adversity. I have learned that life can be unpredictable, and that time is precious, so it’s important to pursue your passions and make the most of every opportunity.

Today, I am currently a senior at the University of Colorado working for athletic communications, and plan to graduate in May of 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. As for sports, I have also been doing a few post-game interviews with the Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse team due to the amazing support of Andy Lindahl and have done play-by-play calling for the girls’ lacrosse 4A State Semi-finals.