January 1, 2000 - April 28, 2014

Janea was diagnosed with a childhood bone cancer known as Osteosarcoma on April 30, 2012. What we first thought were growing pains turned into the worst thing we could imagine…..CANCER!! It had also spread to her lungs at the time of diagnosis, which would make it far more difficult to cure.  For two very long years, Janea fought her battle with the bravest positivity and a happy personality most of the time. As terrifying as it was to not ever know what was coming, we all kept a pretty good attitude, and had utmost faith in her team of doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Janea endured hair loss, 10 months of chemo, 3 major surgeries, and multiple minor surgeries. She had many blood draws and a port installed underneath her skin for needle pokes to be easier. She had multiple bloody noses, some lasting up to 8 hours. Her counts would drop so low due to the chemo destroying her immune system that she couldn’t be out in public for fear she could catch a sickness because it would be very hard for her to survive if that were to happen. She had her left leg operated on multiple times to first replace her tibia, then to help it heal, and finally an amputation to give her more movement.

Janea relapsed five short months after finishing her chemo protocol, which meant another chemo would be her only hope for survival. She had 8 total chemotherapy drugs, and then in March 2014, the cancer spread from her lungs to her brain, and she lived 7 weeks from the day we were told she had the option for surgery to remove the cancer safely, but it would only return. After it returned, she was given 2 weeks and lived only 5 days. But those were 5 awesome days!! She had her last wish to attend PROM granted!! Her brother escorted her, and she was crowned PROM PRINCESS!!! Everyone who knew and loved her misses her TERRIBLY!! We are always so grateful for anyone who wants to honor her!!!