Our world changed forever on October 16, 2018 when Libby was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. We are beyond thankful for her pediatrician, who ordered that extra set of labs which prompted the referral to see orthopedics and for his instinct to do the x-ray when they were both contemplating since she looked so good.

Libby has been truly amazing through ten months of in and out hospital stays for chemotherapy, 47 radiation treatments, multiple ER visits early on, battling fever due to low counts, hospital visits, and blood counts every week, and not to mention all of the side effects that accompany such intense treatment.

Libby had to be homebound since her chemotherapy treatments were all given in the hospital, alternating between an overnight stay and 5-day admission. This was the hardest for her as school has always been one of her favorite things. She couldn’t play sports and seeing friends was limited, especially during times when her blood counts were low which happened after every round of treatment.

During her hospital stays, she would occupy her time, when she felt up to it, to work on her Lego projects. Now her room at home is lined with every Lego set imaginable, from the Hogwarts Castle to her grand finale…The Statue of Liberty, which had close to 2,000 pieces! None of those stifled her and she completed most of them way before the last day of treatment. She could have run the “Craft Playroom” with her creativity in designing iPad cases made of colored duct tape, as well as wallets, pens, pencil holders, and the list goes on and on.

Libby kept up with her schoolwork and was able to participate in the big 3rd grade project, a live wax museum of an influential person. She was Amelia Earhart. At the end of the year, her teacher asked her to write a paper titled “What does True Grit mean and how can you relate?” It took a lot of coaxing and even a walk around the block with her homeschool teacher to come up with an idea! Libby never looked at her situation as something she had to persevere in, just something she had to do to get well and return to school.

Libby’s journey is far from over as she will continue to get scans every 3 months for the next several years. She had clear scans on July 8th, and we are beyond grateful for this news. We continue to pray for complete and total healing. She is now in fourth grade and couldn’t be happier to be back at school with her friends. Her zest for life is contagious and she has continued to be an inspiration to all who have made this journey with her.  She is smart, brave, courageous beyond belief, and always smiling.

Go Team Libby!