Matthew was diagnosed with medulloblastoma just after he turned 3. He had surgery to remove the tumor and developed posterior fossa syndrome as a result of the surgery. He had to relearn how to walk and talk.  His treatment was six months of chemotherapy, including high-dose chemo and three stem cell transplants.  Children’s Hospital Colorado helped develop this treatment protocol which allows kids like Matthew to avoid full brain and spine radiation, which would have been extremely damaging at such a young age.

Today Matthew is cancer-free and thriving. He has some issues from the tumor and treatment like high-frequency hearing loss, slower processing, and word retrieval, and loss of balance. Overall his life is now very normal thanks to the amazing care and treatment he had from Dr. Foreman’s team at Children’s Hospital. We are so grateful to the Morgan Adams Foundation for funding the research that helps kids like Matthew survive and go on to have amazing lives.

For Matthew, better days means getting to play with his brother, snuggle his cat, and ride the bus to school.