Kaden, our sweet, active, and mischievous son who loves people and loves to be loved, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at the age of 6 in April 2016. Kaden is now a few months shy of his 9th birthday and just over two years into the 3.5 year treatment protocol for ALL.  Currently in the “maintenance” phase, Kaden’s treatment has been reduced to a quarterly Lumbar Puncture, monthly IV chemo, and daily oral chemos, which has allowed for us to settle into our “new normal.”

These days you can most often find Kaden at the baseball field, riding his bike in the neighborhood, or pestering his sister with Nerf guns.  He continues to be “on-plan” with an anticipated treatment completion target of August 2019.  We continue to live in awe of the resilience & strength both he and big sister, Kayla, show each day.  From her sneaking into his room each night to read him a bedtime story, to the two of them cuddling in the hospital bed watching a movie awaiting his monthly treatment.  This journey continues to challenge us all, but has 100% made us each better.