February 12, 1990 - April 10, 1998

Lindsey was diagnosed with an ependymoma brain tumor when she was 13 months old. She endured chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple surgeries over a period of 7 years, battling seven reoccurrences of her tumor. The multiple surgeries left Lindsey neurologically impaired. Speech had become difficult and she was no longer able to walk unaided. Unfortunately, conventional treatments did not work to stop the tumors from reoccurring. But, she never lost her spirit or her will to fight.

As a last resort, Lindsey was the subject of groundbreaking experiments at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Lindsey’s parents allowed researchers to treat Lindsey with experimental drugs derived from her own cells after they had been re-engineered. Lindsey started treatments with an anti-cancer vaccine. Unfortunately, time had run out and these did not help either. Her parents stopped the treatments.

During the last couple of months of her life, Lindsey dreamed of being an angel and joining her Grandmother in heaven. Lindsey passed away on April 10, 1998 on Good Friday. Even though Lindsey’s fight was long and arduous, she managed to maintain a normal, active childhood. During her very long battle, Lindsey had the love of her sisters, Heather and Brittany, and her parents, Jay and Teresa, always by her side.

Thank you.