Gabrielle has been off treatment for 17 years, and doing very well

Gabrielle at two years old was an adorable little girl. She was bright and fun, but something wasn’t quite right. It took a few weeks to determine that it was a brain tumor that was keeping her from being completely healthy and happy.

Over the next year, she went weekly to Children’s Hospital Colorado for chemotherapy. Dr. Foreman and the nurses in the Oncology Clinic became a part of our lives. However, despite the fact that she seemed so well, an MRI six months later showed the tumor had grown. Gabrielle had another year of chemotherapy. Once again, we were confident that we could move on. She had endured the treatments very well and appeared to have no major lasting side effects. She could see well with her right eye and adjusted well to having no vision in her left eye.

Unfortunately, five months later, at the age of 5, the vision in her right eye was compromised. Another visit to Dr. Foreman, and Gabrielle needed to start yet another series of chemotherapy. Her vision improved temporarily, but Gabrielle was considered legally blind. As a last resort, she started radiation treatments. She endured them like a trooper and slowly, but miraculously our little girl was returned to us and the vision in her right eye came back too.

Gabrielle is 22 years old, has been off treatment for 17 years, and is doing very well. She graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, and wants to someday work for Disney and manage a cruise ship. Her hobbies include cosplay, reading, and making coffee.