On July 30, 1992, Morgan Courtney Adams was born, healthy and destined to make her mark on the world.

She was the first of our three children. Of all the things Steven and I imagined for Morgan and her life to come, cancer was never one of them.

Watching Morgan endure the seemingly endless painful procedures, celebrating holidays and birthdays in the hospital, and missing so much of her childhood never entered our minds. Neither did the fact that she wouldn’t see grade school or beyond.

In a world without kids’ cancer, Morgan would be 28 years old today. Instead, she is forever 6 years old and lives in our memories.

But, her presence remains and her legacy continues — because of you.

  • Your support has funded more than $5.4 million in vital pediatric cancer research since 2001.
  • That investment has resulted in additional funding in excess of $12 million, putting your total impact for kids and teens with cancer at greater than $17 million.
  • Most importantly, kids who otherwise would not be alive are thriving today, like Myles, Alice, Eli, and Morgan F.:


Reflecting on Morgan’s legacy reminds me of where we’ve been and how much work there is still left to do.

You have helped improve outcomes for kids with cancer dramatically these past 20 years, but there are still children being diagnosed with and dying from cancer every day.

There are kids who aren’t getting the best treatments, kids whose lives are being devastated by the harmful side effects from pediatric cancer treatments that have not progressed in decades.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused setbacks for critical research, and it has reinforced the importance and need to fund research to help kids and teens with cancer.

For 20 years, your generosity and support have given kids and teens with cancer a chance at cures. And now,

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Joan Slaughter
Founder and Executive Director