November 6, 2020

I received an urgent message this week about a family whose child was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and needs help with their bills:

A young couple and their son Alexander moved to Colorado in July after Alexander’s grandma had a massive heart attack. The family used all their savings to move here to help take care of her.

And then, shortly after arriving, 5-year-old Alexander was diagnosed with leukemia.

Alexander’s mom is on unpaid leave from her job so that she can take care of him during treatment. Meanwhile, Alexander’s dad tries to pick up extra shifts at his job, but they’re not always available.

Alexander’s family needed to pay their rent on November 1st, but they didn’t have the money.

They had just $16 in their bank account. And their landlord was going to charge them $15 a day for each day their rent was unpaid.

Situations like Alexander and his family’s are more common than any of us would like to think.

Earlier this year, the MAF Board approved a small Emergency Financial Assistance Fund to help families affected by kids’ cancer, just like this.

Thankfully, because of this fund, their rent was paid on November 3rd.

But their troubles are far from over.

There are groceries to buy, medical bills to pay, and another month’s rent due in a few short weeks.

Will you help give a young family support during this difficult time?

Meg, your gift will allow them to focus on taking care of their child and give them time to get back on their feet.

Alexander’s mom explains: We have been “constantly stressing out and losing sleep over whether we should pay rent or buy food.”

Can you imagine the anxiety and pressure of having a child in cancer treatment while knowing you don’t have enough money to pay for groceries and your home?

Your gift today will help a family in need like Alexander’s, with a child battling cancer and facing financial hardship.

Please send a gift right away to help a pediatric cancer family in need.

With tremendous gratitude,

Robin French
Financial Assistance Program Manager
The Morgan Adams Foundation