No one — NO ONE — ever thinks cancer could be the culprit behind the backaches of their one-year-old daughter. The possible explanations are far-ranging, but cancer is just not supposed to be among them.

Until it is.

Ivy became one of the 43 kids diagnosed with cancer on October 13, 2017, when her backaches led to a visit to the pediatrician, some blood work, a referral to Children’s, and a diagnosis of stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. She had a tumor in her abdomen and cancer cells in her bone marrow.

In the year following her diagnosis, Ivy endured six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumor in her abdomen, two stem cell transplants, and 20 rounds of radiation and immunotherapy. She had 32 blood transfusions, was put under anesthesia 45 times, and spent 123 days inpatient at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Following all of that, Ivy received more immunotherapy at Children’s Colorado and was part of a cancer vaccine clinical trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital that required several trips to New York.

Today, Ivy turns 5 years old! She is active and loves playing with her big sister Lyla. She has had clear scans for 18 months and has dealt with very few side effects.

Her mom Amber explains, “Better days are here for us! Ivy is healed! The life-saving medicine worked and is still working. She goes to school, gymnastics, and learned to swim this summer!”

Ivy’s mom Amber sums it up nicely — this is why your support of life-saving research matters:

“Research and new treatment protocols saved her life! MAF saves kids’ lives every day! Please support them so kids have a greater chance of survival, live healthier lives & surpass all expectations!!”

You’re giving kids a chance. You’re giving families more time. You’re making the impossible happen.

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