Chocolove has teamed up with The Morgan Adams Foundation to
bring you an incredible gift box for the holidays. This 12-piece box of decadent dark chocolates filled with liquid caramel and dusted with real gold
flakes is sure to be a hit with friends, family, co-workers and clients. Each box comes with a Happy Holidays card attached to the top.

100% of sale proceeds are donated to The Morgan Adams Foundation which funds pediatric cancer research! 

ORDER your gift box today.

Morgan Adams’s spirit lives on in the dedicated researchers and doctors we work with at the Children’s Hospital Colorado.
Like us, they are dedicated to finding cures for children’s cancer. Children’s bodies are different than adults and require different approaches
to help cure. Because a child’s life has just begun, there is no rationalization of how damaging a treatment can be on a child, to save a life.
Every effort must be made to cure a child’s cancer with the child having a full recovery and, if possible, no collateral damage so they can go
on to live a long, full life.

To this end, a novel and careful drug delivery method is required. Binding drugs to gold nanoparticles is such a method being studied by Dr. Rajeev Vibhakar, Director
of the Children’s Hospital Colorado Pediatric Neuro-Oncology program.

This pioneering work uses gold-coated nanoparticles as a carrier to bind and deliver cancer drugs specifically to cancer cells. This research will
allow for more effective treatment with less drugs and less healthy cells being damaged and, therefore, less side effects. The research steps are
several and the results so far are promising.

Chocolove’s  holiday gift box of 12 decadent dark chocolates are filled with liquid caramel and dusted with real gold flakes. The 23-karat gold dust is real and so is the amazing
chocolate/liquid caramel experience. The inspiration for the nano-amounts of gold dusting these chocolates is heartfelt. Chocolove will donate
100% of the proceeds for this item to The Morgan Adams Foundation!

Happy Holidays from Chocolove and The Morgan Adams Foundation!