Thanks to the support of generous donors, 28 projects have received funding for 2022. These projects address the widest range of pediatric cancers and represent the largest single-year financial support in the history of The Morgan Adams Foundation.

This groundbreaking research has the potential to change the landscape for kids with cancer. The projects are led by 19 brilliant individuals and their teams across 4 institutions around the United States, including Children’s Hospital Colorado / University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Riley Children’s Hospital, University of California San Francisco, and Lurie Children’s Hospital.

The projects focus on the following types of cancer:

  • Brain tumors: atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (ATRT), craniopharyngioma, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) and diffuse midline glioma (DMG), ependymoma, glioblastoma, high-grade glioma, medulloblastoma
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Ewing sarcoma
  • Neurofibroma
  • Leukemia

Several of the projects are more broadly applicable to several types of cancer or all kids with cancer:

  • Advancing high-throughput molecular techniques to provide more information to researchers investigating pediatric tumor biology
  • A specialized bioinformatics expert to analyze the immense amount of data generated from RNA sequencing, single-cell RNAseq, CRISPR, RNA interference, and chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments
  • Development of a humanized immune system model to evaluate the interaction of the tumor immune microenvironment
  • Evaluation of treatment-resistant cancers and the biologic markers of response
  • Study of drug candidates to augment radiation response and prevent recurrence after treatment
  • Development of a CAR-macrophage model of treatment for pediatric brain tumors
  • Neurocognitive function in the pediatric hematology and oncology population
  • Investigation of childhood cancer early death and its potential causes
  • Development of a tool to design artificial intelligence (AI) tools for pediatric brain tumor clinical decision making

See the full list of the 2022 projects funded here:

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