Motorized Madness Media Challenge

The Motorized Madness Media Challenge is a fun-filled morning of exhilarating remote control car racing where everyone is racing for smiles, and ultimately, the end to pediatric cancer.

Hosted in the Parking Lot #11 at Children’s Hospital Colorado, we create a massive racetrack for remote-controlled cars to zip around while each team competes to be crowned champion. Each four-person team is made up of a pediatric cancer patient, a local media or sports personality, a local race car driver, and one of MAF’s amazing community sponsors.

The RC cars go fast and the races are action-packed — join us to cheer on your favorite team!

From local members of the media to our amazing sponsors, we continue to be overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from the community for this event. The goal of the Motorized Madness Media Challenge is two-fold: to raise awareness about pediatric cancer and to give kids and teens with cancer a fun morning where they can think about something other than their treatment.

The Motorized Madness Media Challenge brings out some of Denver’s best television and radio talent each year, including: