In Loving Memory of Meredith Malone


Years ago we learned of The Morgan Adams Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children overcome cancer. We heard of the organization through a friend of ours who had lost their little girl and all we could think about is how terrible and tragic it is to lose one’s child. We all say the same thing when we grieve, it’s just not right. Children should never be taken from this world! 

Unfortunately, on Tuesday, October 13th, we lost our youngest daughter Meredith. She was a beautiful inspiring 16-year-old, whose day was always brightened by knowing that she had made others smile and laugh that day. We know, had she been given a chance to continue her life, she would make this world so much better. She was a bright and intelligent person who loved her music, loved friends, and loved her family dearly. That day the world lost another ray of sunshine.

Our hope is that by giving through The Morgan Adams Foundation, somehow the meaning of her life is not lost; but rather our loss saves other parents and children from going through something like this.

We thank everyone who gives for contributing in Meredith’s name.