Childhood Cancer Awareness Colorado License Plate Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my Certificate of Eligibility?

After making a qualifying donation of at least $43, you will immediately receive an automated email receipt confirming your purchase. (Note: This email is NOT what you need to order the plate from the DMV.) Within 5 business days of making a qualifying donation, you will receive an email containing your Certificate of Eligibility and the 4-digit PIN number that must be provided to the DMV to place an order for the Childhood Cancer Awareness special license plate.

Can I get more than one Certificate of Eligibility?

For every qualifying donation of $43, you will receive 1 (ONE) Certificate of Eligibility and PIN number. To get additional Certificates of Eligibility, you will need to make a qualifying donation of $43 for each one.

Can I use the DMV’s online system to order my Childhood Cancer Awareness license plate?

Yes, but not in all situations.

Currently, the DMV’s online system can ONLY be used for:

  • First-time vehicle registration
    • Required information: Title number, Letter ID from Title Complete Notice
    • Restriction: Must be more than 30 days before the vehicle’s Temporary Permit expiration date
  • Applying for a personalized plate
    • Required: Current license plate number, last 8 characters of vehicle VIN or verification code from Registration Receipt
    • Restriction: Cannot be completed in the month before, the month of, or the month after the vehicle’s registration expiration month

If you have any questions or concerns about if you are eligible to use the online system, we suggest going to your local DMV office because there are no limitations to the transactions that can be processed in person.

When will I receive my Childhood Cancer Awareness License Plate?

Childhood Cancer Awareness license plates are printed on-demand upon the completion of the registration transaction and are mailed directly to the purchaser within five business days. Most print on demand license plates are received by the purchaser within 2-3 weeks.

Note: The license plate manufacturing facility will be closed from June 17-July 12 for the annual audit. During this time period, license plates will be delayed and should arrive within 4 weeks of the completed transaction.