Family Engagement Roadmap

Working together to fund their cures


By joining us as a MAF Family, we will work together to share your family’s journey through pediatric and young adult cancer. We will ask you to please allow us to:

  • Create a story page for your child on our website that can include a dedicated donation link
  • Create an honorary poster of your child to be shared at MAF awareness and fundraising events
  • Create a printed version of your child’s story that can be shared with donors to show the impact and needs for kids with cancer
  • Share your child’s favorite things
  • Honor your child’s important dates on our social media channels, as determined by
    you (e.g. birthday, anniversary, treatment milestones, announcements like graduation)


By joining us as a MAF Ambassador Family, we will work together in all of the ways as a MAF Family, and will also ask you to:

  • Allow us to share greater details and special quotes from your child
  • Be a “featured family” in MAF communications, so we may more deeply and personally share the need for more research with our donors
  • Help with needs for artwork requests from patients/siblings
  • Host tables and/or create teams for fundraisers
  • Actively participate in at least
    1 major MAF Special event –participate in event program elements where needed and perhaps even speak (depending on your comfort level), sharing your personal story
  • Assist with at least one direct fundraising campaign each year (samples to be provided by MAF)
  • Help facilitate the growth of beneficial relationships for the organization, including introductions to your community that could lead to additional in-kind contributions, sponsorships and increased overall contributions


By joining us as an active member of the MAF Family Council, we will work together in all the prior ways, and will also ask you to:

  • Attend quarterly Family Council meetings or calls with detailed updates on the Foundation and requests for your thoughtful insight, opinions, and feedback
  • Assist with determining the strategy and activities of the Family Council
  • Actively engage MAF Families and Ambassadors
  • Serve on The Morgan Adams Foundation Speakers’ Bureau
  • Actively recruit new donors to the MAF mission through letter writing campaigns or 3rd Party Events
  • Form, build, and manage a MAF Family Annual Giving Circle
  • Consider building and managing a Tribute Fund in your child’s honor


*** The Chair of the Family Council will have a voting seat on The Morgan Adams Foundation Board of Directors