Emergency Financial Assistance Fund Stories

You’ve made a huge difference for a Sudanese refugee family of 7 affected by kids’ cancer and the pandemic

Your support of the MAF Emergency Financial Assistance Fund, introduced earlier this year in light of the widespread negative impacts of COVID-19, has helped a local family affected by pediatric cancer.

Abdo is 16 years old. He and his family are refugees from Sudan. Abdo was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in September and is in treatment at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Abdo has four siblings – three older brothers and a younger sister – who all live with their parents in Aurora. Abdo’s mom stays at home to take care of the family and the younger kids who are still in school. Abdo’s dad and one brother lost their jobs because of COVID-19 and are trying to find new jobs.

Right now, their family of 7 is living off one income from Abdo’s brother who works as a security guard. As you might imagine, Abdo’s cancer diagnosis at a time of immense financial insecurity has taken its toll on the entire family.

Thankfully, your support of the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund has given Abdo and his family help to pay their bills so that they can focus on helping Abdo overcome cancer.

*Name and image have been changed to protect the family’s privacy.

Please help other kids’ cancer families facing financial strain by donating to the MAF Emergency Financial Assistance Fund below: