Brandon S.

I am cancer free!

I was diagnosed on March 2, 2006 with a Non-Germinomatous Germ Cell Tumor at the age of 16. I underwent chemotherapy followed by whole-brain radiation. My last treatment fell on my 17th birthday. Today, I am cancer free and learning to live with amnesia, or short term memory loss, the result of the tumor and treatments.

I live with my mom, Lorri. I have an older sister, Kendra. We lost my dad in 2003 following a long illness. I enjoy working in our yard, being outdoors, riding my 4-wheeler and helping my Uncle Mark farm. I like to draw trees and give them to people that make a difference. I have long term goals that I want to achieve in my lifetime. I want to get my high school diploma so that I can accomplish my dream of operating heavy equipment. I want to see a cure for cancer and I want to be a part of that cure. That is why when my hometown held a fundraiser on my behalf, I decided to donate 100% of the money, more than $12,000.00 to The Children’s Hospital for pediatric brain cancer research.