artma Kid Artwork


Created By: Gemma

Short Gut Syndrome

Age: 7

About Piece:

This is Sparklebun. She found me when I was doing a tubey change and I was really scared. She was looking for someone to help. And I was nervous and anxious and scared and she saw me doing a tubey change, and then she saw that whenever people do a tubey they are anxious and nervous and scared. So she used her magical horn to see my emotions to help me. Then she made my tummy soft and my mom was able to do the tubey change. Sparklebun is a dog mixed with a unicorn. Its ears are unicorn. Its horn is a unicorn. Its tail is a unicorn. The rest of its body is a dog. Its a unicorn dog because I have a dog named Teal that helps me when I am sad. It us a unicorn because it is magical and can help people. The horn can see emotions in kids and kelps kids. The tail helps grown-ups because it can see grown-ups emotions and help grown-ups feel better.

Glass Artist: