artma Kid Artwork

Prednisone Pig

Created By: Jack

Pre-B Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Age: 21

About Piece:

Prednisone Pig found me when I was diagnosed and had to take prednisone which is a steroid that marks me very hungry and eat like a pig. He was always there to remind me to eat up. He has the same effect when I may not feel like eating and I have a feeding tube. He reminds me to eat up and put on the needed weight. As a cancer patient it is important to eat like a pig, and Prednisone Pig is always there for me. He uses his power of persuasion to get me to eat when I need to the most. However, even Prednisone Pig his needs help sometimes and needs a feeding tube. We get through it together and eat together.

Glass Artist: