artma Kid Artwork

Painted Horses Are the Best!

Created By: Cece

High Risk Neuroblastoma

Age: 8 (April 26, 2015 - November 1, 2023)

About Piece:

Cee drew a horse because she loved them so much. Sam thought she’d probably have titled it, “Painted Horses are the best!” I would agree with that title and I’m sure Cee would too. She especially loved painted horses like the one she drew. I like to think she drew it saddled and ready to ride because she had a deep appreciation for that sacred connection between a horse and its rider. It’s a connection between hearts and it doesn’t need words, just the act of riding. Cee’s horse is saddled, ready for her; but at the time she drew it, she was no longer able to ride. So, this side of heaven, the horse remains riderless. But I am sure she is riding a painted just like the one she drew; probably on a beach more perfect than any beach we could find on Earth. Somewhere that speaks of God’s peace and the interconnectedness of all His creation.

Glass Artist: