artma Kid Artwork

Eveileb (Pronouced EV-el-eeb)

Created By: Dani

CNS Neuroblastoma

Age: 18 (December 10, 2004 - August 15, 2023)

About Piece:

Dani’s Guardian Animal was created 2 weeks before she passed away. Dani knew that unicorns & rainbows were very special & magical. She always said that “rainbows came when God wanted to let us know that, when we were sad, things would get better as long as you believed it would.” Dani loved unicorns because they “made me believe in magical things”. Dani wanted to combine the unicorn and the rainbow to create her Guardian Animal – Eveileb – which is “Believe” backward. Eveileb’s rainbow mark is a special sign that you can rub whenever you feel sad, discouraged or just feel that things don’t seem magical anymore. It will always remind you that even after the darkest & strongest of storms, the magic of the rainbow will always come.

Glass Artist: