Help Eli get the cancer treatment he needs!

Eli was two years old when he was diagnosed with a tumor spreading from his brainstem down to his spine. He underwent a complex 11-hour surgery and doctors removed all they could of the tumor. Eli’s parents were told his prognosis was good and he only had a 10% chance of the tumor coming back. But just 8 weeks later, the tumor had grown back by 50%. 

There was no standard of care for Eli’s type of cancer, so Eli and his parents had to rely on research for a treatment. Eli started taking an oral chemotherapy developed for adults with melanoma because it showed the best potential for killing his rare tumor cells. Eli responded well and over two years, the tumor was stable and even decreased in size, so Eli stopped taking the medication.

Unfortunately, cancer is malicious and opportunistic. 9 months later, Eli’s tumor had started growing again. He tried a new combination of chemotherapies, but he got very sick and stopped. By the next year, Eli’s cancer had spread to numerous spots throughout his brain and spine.

Researchers are searching for a new treatment to give Eli more time with his family. 

Eli’s mom Heather says, “Eli does not let cancer define his life. He is determined to live with joy and be a ‘normal’ little boy. Even if it is something hard for him to do; he will push himself to do it. He learned how to ride a bike last summer, he hikes, plays soccer, and loves to ski. Eli believes in the possibility of tomorrow.”

Will you help give Eli a better chance at a future?


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