Cooking for Cancer

Chef Ryan Dishman is competing in a well-known cooking show that will be airing on Thursday, August 26th and we’re so excited to find out if Ryan will win!

But, whether he wins on the show or not, Ryan has dedicated his performance to his buddy Miles. Miles was diagnosed with cancer in November 2020 when he was just 6 months old. Miles endured harsh treatment and thankfully, was declared in remission in February. 

Miles was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when he was just 6 months old in November 2020. He endured surgery and 4 cycles of chemotherapy over the following three months — all in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

His treatment constantly separated the family – while one parent was with Miles at the hospital, the other was home with his 2-and-a-half-year-old sister. Miles finished treatment and rang the bell.

Miles was declared in remission in February — the tumor shrank 90% during treatment, and no cancer cells were present. But, there is a 15% chance of the cancer returning.

Click here to read Miles’ story.

Miles’ parents know first-hand the power of research to help kids with cancer:

“Researching better ways to treat childhood cancer is beyond important. It is vital. Research gives Miles and other children like him a chance to live their life without having to compromise their ability to live fully and pain-free. We know that if more people are invested in kids’ cancer research that a cure will become available.”

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