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Musk A. Tell

Nature has some amazing creatures. Some of these creatures are very recognizable and others not so much, I see nature as a piece of art just waiting to come alive with paint and clay. Musk A. Tell was inspired by a secondhand object I found on the shelf that was just waiting to be purchased. The minute I saw this secondhand piece, I saw the horns of a musk ox in the making. Why a Musk Ox you ask? I say why not a Musk Ox. After researching this amazing creature, I began this sculpture with the secondhand piece that became the horns. I added wire, dowels, airdry clay and apoxie sculpt. Through all the kneading, pushing, pulling, adding, and taking away, I finally dipped my brushes in acrylic paint to add the finishing touches and Musk A. Tell was born. Musk A. Tell stands – 14″ High x 5″ Wide x 3.5″ Deep. He is ready to hang.