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Artist: Victoria Ryan

I spent most of my life living from Southern California to the the Redwood Forest in Humboldt County, moving to Taos New Mexico in 2016. I am a career artist, a painter working in various media including soft pastel, oils and acrylics with mixed media. I earned my BFA from California State University in Long Beach in 1982 after spending a few years at both Art Center College and Otis Art Institute. Early in my career I taught Drawing and Painting at various community colleges in Orange County, California. I was an artist’s marketing and career coach for several years in the early aughts. Ultimately I return to my pole barn studio in Taos, NM and my adjunct studio space in Denver, Colorado. My work is deeply influenced by the physical landscape as well as my inner psyche. My practice intertwines representational images to fully abstract paintings where I create a sense of mood, emotion and a sense of place. After moving to Taos from the coastal redwood forests of Northern California, a shift developed drawn upon these disparate surroundings. My paintings celebrate my response to the Northern New Mexico landscape while speaking to my own emotional landscape. I spend a portion of my time in Denver Colorado as well which has influenced my work further. I have had a varied career that I always approached pragmatically since the early 1980’s. It has included a lengthy list of exhibitions, awards and wonderful collectors both public and private and along the way. After all those years in California it is this latest arc creating in studios in Taos and Denver that has me moving again into new directions with my abstract landscapes. I aspire to create images that are ultimately striking and beautiful in the midst of a chaotic world.