artma Artists

Artist: Rory Palazzo

Rory Palazzo was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, and has been a donating artist for artma for over 18 years. His assorted works illustrate an homage to his diversely creative parents, who he credits for his interest in creating and exploring art, due to the creative, imaginative, and resourceful environment in which he was raised. His designs demonstrate his collective memory and perspective, visually encapsulating a broad range of what he considers; cultural, romantic, and mathematical approaches. Rory works from his personal studio in the Denver suburbs. His wife, Christy is also an artma donating artist. As an interesting side note, Palazzo’s great uncle, Anthony (Tony) Starcer, was an American soldier and artist during World War II, known for his B-17 nose art work. Starcer was a line mechanic and artist for the 91st Bombardment Group, of the VIII Bomber Command. The 91st Bombardment Group website lists 127 aircraft that his work adorned, including his most-famous work, the Memphis Belle.