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Artist: Robyn Thayer

My most intimate conversation is painting. It is a dialog between my life experience and a power greater than myself. I begin a painting organically, scraping excess paint off my palette, from one canvas to another. The internal workings of life- feelings, bones and joints, magma- all reveal themselves to me as I build, layer upon layer, of paint and line Graphite is my equivalent of cobwebs, a connective tissue, giving structure to impulse. Thick acrylic paint is worked into a surface with my favorite tool, the credit card. I scrape, smear, and rub paint together the way a river shapes a stone, a soul emerges. Water soluble crayons contribute to the surface energy, the result is a painting full of glowing vitality. Currently I am exploring animal shapes within my art. Fish, Horses, and Buffalo are all frequent visitors in my daily life. As I see them emerge from my underpaintings, they impart to me a strength and fortification. I feel coupled with the primal energy of the universe as I paint them.