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Artist: Mary Lynn Baird

I am a multi-disciplined, mixed media artist, art explorer, optimist, and collector of friends for the sake of art and community. For 32 years I had the great love of teaching art to students K-6. Although I have always been an artist, my students artistically formed me in ways I never would have imagined. When I retired as an art teacher I knew I wanted to continue on my artist journey but I also knew I didn’t want to do it alone. So that is how the idea of Outside the box studiO came to be...a teaching studio where people gather to create and build community. What am I most artistically passionate about: Clay Monotype! If you haven't tried this form of art, it is a must! It is an intense, technical, and deeply layered process and becomes more beautifully complicated the further you explore. I have been developing this form of art for more than a decade. Mixed Media with Photo Image Transfer! I love layers, multitudes of mediums and then the addition of a subtle story through photo image transfer. My other love: Trying it all! I truly can’t get enough of unearthing and developing art skills in all mediums, sharing discoveries with others and becoming a sponge for new learning.