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Artist: Lydia Riegle

Contemporary Printmaker and Painting Lydia Riegle is a Denver, Colorado, based printmaker and painter. Her expansive gestural approach and material exploration cross-pollinate in abstract printmaking and painting resulting in artwork that is highly charged, complex, and uniquely personal. Often utilizing a drawing quality in art making, Riegle's work is reflective of her immigrant background and serves to illustrate the rich and often complex concepts of connections and back-stories. With Wonderland, Riegle explores materiality and the magic of unexpected outcomes. Wonderland is a unique print with unexpected frost patterns and coloration - a print that speaks to living in Colorado. Riegle is a current member of D'art Gallery in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. She is participating in her second Palm Springs Modernism Show at the Palm Springs Convention Center, February 2024.