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Artist: Lela Kay

I am a maker. As far back as I can remember I have dedicated my time and imagination to making and creating beautiful and unusual object of art, art of every type and form. My first paintings began with traditional and representational art, which lead me to my ultimate passion-creating abstract art. I love the unpredictability of working abstractly, where I seem to thrive. Taking risks, wandering in the unknown, and finding fresh possibilities is what challenges me and keeps me engaged as an artist. Experience has taught me to trust my instincts and intuition and let them guide me. I am obsessed with colors and their relationships next to each other, light against dark, empty spaces and the placement of lines which create the composition. I strive to capture the emotions and feelings inside of me waiting to be expressed. I love the passion and surprises that emerge on the canvas, of what I am trying to say without the use of words.