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Artist: Julie Rothe

Julie Rothe, the creative force behind ModStik Designs, discovered her passion for woodworking during a challenging period of poor health six years ago. From adversity emerged a flourishing business, where each piece crafted tells a unique story of resilience and artistic triumph. Nestled in the serene mountain landscape of Evergreen, Colorado, Julie draws inspiration from her surroundings, infusing her creations with the spirit of her mountain lifestyle. Faith stands as a foundational pillar of Julie's artistic journey, shaping not only her creations but also the ethos of ModStik Designs. As a single mom of two, Julie's dedication to her craft reflects the strength and determination that define both her personal and professional life. Specializing in custom designs, Julie breathes life into her clients' visions, turning ideas into tangible, breathtaking pieces. Her choice of reclaimed wood and the artistic application of epoxy resin not only showcase her commitment to sustainable practices but also add a distinctive touch to each creation, marrying craftsmanship and eco-consciousness. ModStik Designs is more than a business for Julie; it's a testament to the transformative power of art and the resilience found in embracing one's passion. Through every meticulously crafted piece, Julie Rothe invites you into a world where creativity thrives, adversity is conquered, and the beauty of reclaimed wood becomes a canvas for personal stories.