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Artist: John Grimberg

John is a self-taught artist who focuses the majority of his creative efforts making sculpture by assembling components that he designs and makes from kiln cast glass and precision machined and fabricated metal. He has always loved working with his hands and as a small child was fascinated with the density, optical qualities and ostensive permanence of glass and metal materials. He draws inspiration from many facets of life – observing forms of curvature and intricate details found in nature, sometimes distilling those forms to their essence, or playing with proportion and scale. John draws inspiration from objects, reliquary, and ceremonial vessels from antiquity. He also finds creative inspiration from being active outside in nature. Although he doesn’t always recreate what he sees, the energy he gets from being outside feeds his soul and inspires him to create what is in his heart and hidden in the subconscious mind. A native of Colorado, John grew up in South Denver and the suburb of Golden. From 1987 to 2022 he enjoyed a 35-year career as a machinist, aerospace technician, and mechanical engineer building and testing space-flight hardware. A large part of his technical career was spent contributing to the NASA Hubble Space Telescope. He is currently enjoying focusing the majority of his time and creative efforts on making new art.