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Artist: Catherine Carilli

I am a contemporary artist who works with abstraction, narrative, and nature in my artwork. My love of painting brought me to the University of Wisconsin where I received an MFA. Abstract painting is a big part of my artwork. I love the process of color and gesture as it evolves into a cohesive abstract vision. The abstract paintings are intuitive realms of discovery plunging into memory, symbol, place. The paintings unfold into a world of color. I am influenced by graffiti. Mark making is central to each painting and its layers. I intend to make something beautiful and/or thought provoking. I am inspired by the color of festivals, and different materials. I do not believe an artist is limited to a certain media or style. The concept behind the artwork defines what media I use. I enjoy making objects for installations, and finding materials and putting them together. My installations create a space to be. The installations are often based on my lifelong engagement with nature. I challenge myself to make explorative art. My artwork is exhibited nationally, and internationally, such as at Spazio Trente, Ortigia, Sicily, The Ucross Foundation, Ucross WY, and the Vance Kirkland Museum, Denver, CO.