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Artist: Behnaz Ahmadian

Behnaz Ahmadian was born in Iran and raised in the United States and currently living in Colorado with her husband and son. She is a self-taught artist, art instructor, and an interior designer. Behnaz has a degree in Biology, but after becoming an interior designer, Behnaz was inspired to create her own line of colorful art. Utilizing her sense of color, pattern and design, she creates pieces that are truly unique. Creating each piece of art is like a journey that takes her back to when she was introduced to fabrics and surface patterns through her mother, who was a fashion designer. Watching her mother work captivated Behnaz and influences and informs who she is today. Her paintings are mostly inspired by nature. Her art is colorful and playful while at the same time blending colors to demonstrate beauty in the world. Her ideas mostly come from her background from working with fabrics, which are filled with all kinds of colors, shapes, pattern and designs. She incorporates them on to her subjects to give them a more of a whimsical and unique character.