Jimmy Colfer 

Jimmy Colfer is an amazing boy who lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Why is he amazing? Well, he might look like many other 12-year-old boys. He plays on his school's basketball team and his favorite subject is science. But unlike most 12-year-old boys, he knows a kid who's battling cancer. See, his best friend and basketball teammate, Zeke, has a brother named Izaac who is fighting the fight of his life against a cancerous brain tumor. Having seen first-hand how hard Izaac is fighting for his life, Jimmy knew that he wanted to help -- somehow. This was his best friend's brother and there was no way he was going to sit by and do nothing. He decided he wanted to raise money to help Izaac, so he sold the 4H pig he'd raised for $50 and asked Izaac's family where he could donate the money. We're grateful that they recommended that Jimmy donate the money to The Morgan Adams Foundation.

Remember waht $50 looked like when you were 12-years-old? This holiday season, we're challenging our supporters to make a special gift and match Jimmy Colfer's $50. Childhood memories are precious -- they make us smile, laugh, and remember to be humble. Why not do something small to help us ensure that more kids can have an entire childhood filled with amazing memories? It's simple -- you can send us a check, call the office (303.758.2130) and donate via the phone, or click HERE to make your donation online.